On Thursday 16th November 2023, children in Bordesley Green Primary School had an opportunity to play wheelchair basketball which is once-in-a-life-time experience that many other schools haven’t been given.

On this day, children of various ages got a chance to play this intriguing version of basketball right in our school hall!

Children were introduced to a new game that was unfamiliar to them. Firstly, they had to become familiar with being in a specially adapted wheelchair. They then were introduced to simple games (like tag) before being placed into teams and playing against one another. Many people think of the sport as running around, but this game changed a lot of children’s perceptions towards the physical education. It took a lot of energy to move and manoeuvre the chair in order to shoot into a low net.

Everyone was interested and enjoyed playing this version of a popular game- even children who do not always like physical education were enthused with this activity!

Yusuf said, ‘It was so much fun!’

‘I wasn’t sure how it would feel having to sit down and play a game. It was fine though. I was strapped in and it felt secure,’ Aleem commented.

‘I was a bit nervous at first but then got used to moving and turning the chair. It was hard work at times,’ remarked Fatima.

Report by BGPS Media Team