Kingfisher Collaboration of Schools

The Kingfisher Collaboration is a like-minded group of schools providing education for pupils from EYFS to the end of Key Stage 2.

Kingfisher schools work within a spirit of partnership whilst allowing each one to maintain its own identity and ethos.


The joint aims of the Kingfisher Collaboration as stated in our agreement are to:

  • Work collaboratively and strategically to secure a high quality education for all young people in the Participating Schools;
  • Promote accountability and responsibility within an ethos of support and challenge;
  • Lead every member of the community to engage on a journey of continuous improvement building upon their previous best;
  • Provide opportunities for economies of scale through commissioning of services and purchasing of resources;
  • Share expertise, best practice and resources to ensure best value for money;
  • Identify needs and best practice through the confidential sharing of data and information.


  • The Participating Schools shall when working together in the delivery of the Aims give full consideration to the following values:
  • Child-centered – To endeavour to make every decision centered around the individual child. Decisions will be made for the benefit of the children and driven by their needs in all the Participating Schools;
  • Fairness – All the Participating Schools will have equal voice and equality of opportunities for all stakeholders;
  • Honesty – To work together in a climate of openness and honesty with mutual respect and trust;
  • Care and empathy – To have a holistic approach to education which encompasses care and welfare for every child as well as understanding and empathy for the communities we serve;
  • Drive (aspiration and challenge) – To have high expectations of young people and of each other providing opportunities to raise aspirations;
  • Individuality – To recognise the distinctive ethos and celebrate the traditions of each Participating School.

Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success
~ Henry Ford

Participating Schools in the Collaboration

  • Stechford Primary
  • Bordesley Green Primary
  • Blakesley Hall Primary
  • Somerville Primary
  • Redhill Primary
  • St Benedict’s Infant and Nursery