After the opening of the allotment and sensory garden, Miss Holloway was successful in applying for the Super Bloom project that entailed researching and organising all the planting in our school grounds and allotment.

“We were so excited! Our teacher told us we could visit the Tower of London!” – Yusuf

At the allotment, all year groups planted and looked after fruit and vegetables from all different countries of the Commonwealth in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. They grew so well and we used them in our cooking in D&T.

“The pumpkins were so heavy to bring back to school. They were enormous and we had to push them in a wheelbarrow. It was very hard. My arms hurt!” – Hiba

The playground planters grew a mixture of flower seeds identical to the ones grown in the moat at the Tower of London. 3H were the lucky class to have a workshop in school and go to London!

“They look beautiful! I love looking at them. They make our playground lovely.” – Ahdia

When they visited the Tower of London, the children entered the moat via a special slide then walked through the moat smelling and looking at all the beautiful flowers. Later, they were presented with a special plaque and looked around the tower. They even saw the Crown Jewels!

“It was so dark when we entered into the tower where the jewels were kept. The Crown Jewels sparkled brightly under the lights.” – Harris

“I loved talking to the guards in their special uniforms… It was all so good.” – Saarah

“The slide was scary at first because it was so high. I sat on a mat and slid down really fast! It was fun!” – Rawan

“It was such a fantastic day! Everyone enjoyed it.” – Omar

We have loved watching everything grow in our allotment this year… it has been fun.