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    If you would like to share any of the work you have been doing at home with your teacher, you can send it to this email address. A teacher will discuss this with you as part of your regular phone calls. 



    Week Begining 11.01.21




    Maths Challenges

    1. Counting Pets

    2. Counting out a set

    Shape Space and Measure - Triangles (Miss Billet)



    Revision of Number 1



    Revision of Number 2



    Revision of Number 3






    Storytime with Miss Billet

    Farmer Duck - (Miss Billet)


    The Perfect Baby - (Miss Billlet)


    Snow Bears - (Miss Billet)




    Writing challenge - Write your name

    We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Fine Motor Control




    Phonics Activity 1: Welcome to the zoo - Listening to sounds and identifying which animals made them. (Watch)

    Phonics Activity 2: Listening Game - Listen to the sounds and identifying what made them. (Watch)

    Phonics Activity 3:  Making sss sound and words beginning with s (Watch)

    Phonics Challenge 




    Wider Curriculum


    Act out the story using sounds and/or props. Here is a nice video showing a child and parent using things in and around their home. 



    We're Going on a Bear Hunt Story Play





    Week Begining 04.01.21



    Counting buttons

    Counting with Teddy Bears

    Circle song



    Reading - Storytime

    Josh and the WooWoo


    Polly Parrot Picks a Pirate


    We're Going on a Bear Hunt


    We're Going On a Bear Hunt - With Michael Rosen



    To make a Snowman or snow picture


    Bear Hunt Paths



    Listening to and identifying weather sounds


    Wider Curriculum

    Sensory Activities

    Textures Word Mat



    Week Begining 18.01.21



    4 EYFS Maths All about Number Four

    Square sheet - Shape Activity


    Task 1: 

    Four Bears | Number Songs


    Task 2:

    The Square Song | I'm A Square | Shapes Songs


    Task 3:



    Challenge: Top Marks


    Counting, Matching, and Ordering - Click


    Select Counting – Counting out. And 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 Numbers depending on your child.






    Dough gym exercise 


    Dough dance/finger gym routine 



    Task 1: 

    Copy the actions in the video.


    Task 2:  Draw a picture of a bear

    Draw a picture of a bear. Talk about the different parts of the bear e.g. eye, nose, ear, paw. Some children may wish to have a go at writing labels for these parts.



    Challenge: Doorwayonline - online activity


    Name writing/Letter formation - Select the letters for your child’s name in order, remember to start the name with a capital letter.





    I Spy Activity 


    Task 1: In the deep dark wood listening game.

    Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills



    Task 2: Play ‘Teddy is lost in the jungle’.

    Phonics - Listening game



    Task 3: Alliteration 

    Phonics - alliteration



    Challenge: Oral blending 

    Oral Blending Game





    Story time - Winnie the Witch


    Story time - My Friend Bear


    Story time - Down by the Cool of the Pool


    Challenge: Name Recognition Activity


    Winnie the Witch - name recognition



    Wider Curriculum


    Task 1:

     Create your own story map.


    Bear Hunt Retell & Small World



    Task 2:

    Sensory walk through the story. You could wear wellies. Is anyone brave enough to try it barefoot?


    Nursery & Reception "We're Going On A Bear Hunt"