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    Thank you for visiting the Year 5 website page. This is the place for all the latest information regarding life in year 5 as well as the place to keep up to date with all of the exciting things we get up to. We hope you enjoy finding out what we have been learning about. 

    Mr Bate, Mrs Grimes, Miss Stroud and Mr Wall
    Year 5 Teachers


    Insulation Experiment

    We did an experiment where we wrapped cups of tea in various materials (and left one without any material) and recorded the temperature of the tea every 4 minutes This helped us determine which material was the most effective insulator of heat. We shared the results with people who had a different material and used them to create a line graph of our data.


    Year 5 Nurture Group

    As a HOOK lesson for our new Talk 4 Writing book, FArTHER by Grahame Baker-Smith, we looked at objects that fly.  We then followed instructions for ‘How To Make A Kite’ to make our own kites and then flew them in the playground!

    In the Year 5 Nurture Group, we have been looking at different types of instructional texts.  We followed the instructions below to make our own paper lanterns.  This was linked to our English Talk 4 Writing book, ‘Journey by Aron Becker.’  It is about a girl who goes on an amazing adventure!  She comes across beautiful, golden, lanterns on one of her adventures into a magical land.


    Our Current Topic is; It’s a Material World
    Year 5 teachers; Mr J Bate,
    Miss A Stroud,
    Mrs V Grimes,
    Mr D Wall,
    9-10 years
    120 pupils