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    Thank you for visiting the Year 2 website page. This is the place for all the latest information regarding life in year 2 as well as the place to keep up to date with all of the exciting things we get up to. We hope you enjoy finding out what we have been learning about. 

    Ms Ennis, Ms Ellis and Ms Begum
    Year 2 Teachers


    In Year 2 we were investigating capacity by making invisibility and flying potions. We had lots of fun and learnt the importance of measuring accurately!


    In Maths we have been exploring multiplication and division with numicon.



    In Theme we have been focusing on Islands and how they are different to where we live in Bordesley Green. We have been looking at the Island of Struay and attempted to create our own island which includes all the things we will need to survive. We found this very exciting and tried to add in all the things you will need.



    In Maths, we have been trying very hard to work things out using practical resources! We have used counters, 100 square, base 10, cubes and numicon to help us understand word problems. First, we used the resources to help us make the numbers and then add/subtract the given number. We were encouraged to used different resources for each question and had lots of fun!

    In English, we have been learning about instructions. We focused on the features of instructions and followed the different steps to make fairy cakes. We used our skills to mix, cut, spread, ice and finally taste the delicious cakes. Once making them, we drew a story map and wrote brilliant instructions using our success criteria.


    Our Current Topic is; Knowing Me, Knowing You
    Year 2 teachers; Mrs S Begum,
    Miss V Ennis,
    Ms T. Ellis,
    6 - 7 years
    90 pupils