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    If you would like to share any of the work you have been doing at home with your teacher, you can send it to this email address. A teacher will discuss this with you as part of your regular phone calls. 



    How to access the Reading Eggs website


    How to access the MyMaths Website


    Science Competition!

    On the week beginning Monday 5th October it is ‘World Space Week’.  The theme for 2020’s ‘World Space Week’ is Satellites and how they help improve life.

    Click Here to find out more about our exciting Science competition. 


    BBC Bitesize daily lessons

    The BBC are now producing daily online lessons for all year groups from Yr1 to Yr6. To take part in these daily lessons click on the following link.



    Oak National Academy

    You may have heard this site being mentioned in the government daily briefings. It contains daily lessons for all year groups designed by teachers from some of the leading schools in the country. Lessons can be accessed by clicking the link below



    Previous Year 2 work 

    Year 2 Home Learning Pack

    Year 2 Spellings

    Year 2 Reading Comprehension 

    Year 2 Arithmetic test

    Year 2 Talk 4 Writing pack - The Magical Teaching Box          

    Year 2 Talk 4 Writing pack 2 - The Elves and the Shoemaker   

    Year 2 Talk 4 Writing pack 3 - Rainbows, Rainbows Everywhere         

    Year 2 Talk 4 Writing pack 4 - Quangle Wangle's Hat    Just added        Please note a donation to charity has been made before sharing this resource with you.

    Maths home learning tasks set 1             

    Maths home learning tasks set 2   

    Science  - Growing topic

    Growing Activity Bank                 Plants Hunt           Plant activity sheets 1,  2,  3,         Design your own plant

    BGPS Reading challenge