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    If you would like to share any of the work you have been doing at home with your teacher, you can send it to this email address. A teacher will discuss this with you as part of your regular phone calls. 



    An exciting opportunity has presented itself! Today marked the launch of a new 500 words writing competition based on the Black Lives Matter movement, please see details below: 

    500 Words is the world’s largest story-writing competition for kids. Over a million stories have been submitted since 2011, in response to everything from technology to climate change. Now, we want to bring children’s voices onto the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. We want children to lead on the process of writing their story.

    From 6:30am on Monday 29th June until Friday 3rd July at 11.59pm 2020, we invite children aged between 5 and 13 to respond in whatever way they wish in no more than 500 words, in the form of a story.

    The narratives we write and share matter. We ask children to draw on their own experiences and feelings to create a story that can be as imaginative and visionary as they want. Storytelling is a must!

    For that reason, we’ve brought together many high-profile personalities, school teachers and librarians alongside the continuing support and academic expertise of Oxford University Press to create 500 Words: Black Lives Matter.

    More details can be found at https://500words.me/ including things for the children to think about and more specific criteria.    All entries official and unofficial should be sent to headteacher@bordsgrn.bham.sch.uk as well as submitted to the 500words.me website so we can celebrate them in school. 

    We are very much looking forward to reading our children's perspective.


    Anti Racism Collective Worship KS1

    Anti Racism Activity   

      An important video message from Cbeebies Ben Cajee

    Recommended Reading

    Click Here for links to a range of children's stories featuring diverse characters. 


    This Weeks Oak Academy Assembly - Space

    This week we're going intergalactic with Libby Jackson, Human Exploration Programme Manager from the UK Space Agency who is talking about life on Mars and more. We're also joined by Ant & Dec who have a very special message from the NSPCC.

    Warning: Strobe and/or flashing lights will be used in this performance. Viewer discretion is advised.


    Year 2 Work week beginning 6.7.20


    Gorilla Weekly Plan

    Monday - Thought Shower

    Wednesday - Making Inferences

    Friday - Picture summary


    Gorilla Weekly Plan

    Gorilla Story


    Planning Template

    SPAG lesson

    Miss Billet's Nurture Group

    Online Links

    Reading       Weekly plan      Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday     Thursday        


    Monday -  Powerpoint    Activity

    Tuesday  -  Powerpoint    Activity

    Wednesday - Activity

    Thursday - Powerpoint    Activity  

    Friday - Powerpoint     Activity

    Writing     Weekly plan      Frog and Toad Together Story      Monday      Tuesday      Wednesday          Thursday         Friday 



    Ms Begum' set -   Powerpoint       Monday    Tuesday   Wednesday - Friday     

    Miss Billett's set -  Powerpoint  1    Powerpoint 2      Clock

                                 Monday -  Task 1       Task 2     

                                 Tuesday - Activity

                                 Wednesday - Activity 1    Activity 2

                                 Thursday  -  Activity    

                                 Friday - Activity      Challenge

                                Online Links

    Mrs Jenkin's set -  Monday  Powerpoint      Task          

                                  Tuesday      Powerpoint    Task 

                                  Wednesday   Task              

                                  Thursday    Task 1      Task 2

                                  Friday      Task


                                  Online Links

    Mrs Ellis' Set -    Addition and Subtraction Powerpoint 

                                Monday -  Task 1      Task 2       Task 3     Task 4

                                Tuesday -   Task 1      Task 2      Task 3    Task 4     Task 5

                                Wednesday  -   Task 1    Task 2   

                                Thursday -  Task 1      Task 2 

                                Friday - Task 1      Task 2       Task 3     Task 4


    Animal Kingdom

    Life Cycle of a Butterfly         video         activity        Butterfly Craft

    Life Cycle of a Frog      video        activity 1       activity 2       Frog Craft

    All About Strawberries     Activity 1    Activity 2    Strawberry Smoothie recipe


    Dear Parents/Carers,


    To help keep our children healthy and active, Sport Birmingham and the School Games Organsiers have introduced the 'School Games Challenges'.

    You can sign up and complete challenges, competing with other schools from home.  We will win different awards if we get into the top 5 and the more children from our school that take part, the better our chance!  All you need to do is sign up to this website: www.sgochallenge.com with the code 'central' and register as Bordesley Green Primary School.  Once you have completed an activity you can fill out how you did on the Challenge Portal.  If you have any problems registering or filling out your activities Mr Bate or Mr O'Neill can answer any questions.


    Thank you for your continued support.


    Mr Bate and Mr O'Neill.

    Maths Scaveger Hunts           Just added

    Place Value 

    Addition and subtraction

    Measure in CM 



    Maths Stories links and notes           Just added

    BBC Bitesize daily lessons

    The BBC are now producing daily online lessons for all year groups from Yr1 to Yr6. To take part in these daily lessons click on the following link.



    Oak National Academy

    You may have heard this site being mentioned in the government daily briefings. It contains daily lessons for all year groups designed by teachers from some of the leading schools in the country. Lessons can be accessed by clicking the link below



    Previous Year 2 work 

    Year 2 Home Learning Pack

    Year 2 Spellings

    Year 2 Reading Comprehension 

    Year 2 Arithmetic test

    Year 2 Talk 4 Writing pack - The Magical Teaching Box          

    Year 2 Talk 4 Writing pack 2 - The Elves and the Shoemaker   

    Year 2 Talk 4 Writing pack 3 - Rainbows, Rainbows Everywhere         

    Year 2 Talk 4 Writing pack 4 - Quangle Wangle's Hat    Just added        Please note a donation to charity has been made before sharing this resource with you.

    Maths home learning tasks set 1             

    Maths home learning tasks set 2   

    Science  - Growing topic

    Growing Activity Bank                 Plants Hunt           Plant activity sheets 1,  2,  3,         Design your own plant

    BGPS Reading challenge